The Morelli Museum

A family saga, a history of comunity!

One hundread uninterrupted years of history, deeply rooted in the local community.
Protecting the heritage of the “Territorio” means remembering its origins, to understand our present and be able to innovate in the future.
Entering our museum people find a variety of memories,
our strong connection with the Piaggio factory
and a selection of war relics.
It feels like time stopped !

An Intact history

Worn out floors, shelves full of relics, tools for liquor production, bikes and motorcycles. In our old factory it feels like you can still hear the voices from our Territorio’s past.
Entering this museum, you’ll see Leonello and Dante Morelli’s old study.
Hear the sounds of the old machines. You’ll see one of the first Italian televisions and a huge collection of newspapers from the beginning of the XX century.
All this memorabilia will make the visitors experience an immersion in an often forgotten, unfiltered past.

Collecting, an infinite passion!
Cameras, miniatures, jars with old barley candy in it, rauche used in the war. At the Morelli museum everything keeps on living, telling a forgotten story. Newspapers, magazines, typewriters
and a collection of bikes and motorcycles which has its origins since the very beginning of our business, in 1906.

The connection with “Piaggio”
Not only liquors. During the decades since its foundation, the Morelli family has had a deep connection with another great company of the “Territorio”: Piaggio, mother company of the mythical Vespa. In the museum you can see (and try) our vintage Vespa.

An emotional tour

We are what you see: this frase might as well represent all the company and the family’s philosophy. Same goes for the company tour: visitors can choose to visit our current factory first,
then to visit the museum, or vice versa, they can have a tasting and learn a lot about modern and ancient liquor production.
It’s a personalized experience: you choose what you prefer.
Want to try the complete “Valdera Experience”? Rent one of your vintage Vespa after the visit at our museum
and ride it in our beautiful countryside!