Amaro Quinta Era


Amaro Quinta Era celebrates the entry into the company of the fifth generation of the Morelli family. In it, the theme of gin is declined from an unprecedented perspective, that is, through that of amaro, a type of liqueur produced by the company in various variations since its foundation in 1911 by Cavalier Leonello Morelli. It is in fact a product that comes from a base of gin distillate that is infused with some plants suitable for the production of bitters, namely rhubarb, cinchona, gentian and artichoke. This implies that it can also be conceived as a call to mixing, a sort of cocktail that forms the link between amaro and gin. The idea of this item is based on the circular economy to various ranges for some time and in this case the bottle is made of recycled glass. The taste represents an unprecedented and peculiar combination of gin and bitter, to give a truly special relaxing moment after meals.

Available bottle sizes: 70 cl


Amber color with bright reflections


Juniper is very prevalent on the nose and first taste, which subsequently gives way to herbs, Artichoke, Rhubarb, China and Gentian.

Alcoholic percentage: