Liquorificio Morelli



The perfume of Tuscany and the flavor of time can be found in the sweet and strong taste of the Morelli spirits. They’re made by distilling fresh “Vinaccia” (marc) or, as for Brandy, by distilling wine. One of the “youngest” Grappa (but not for the aging time), is the Centenario, born in 2011, exactly 100 years (as the name tells) after the foundation of the Liquorificio. The first Grappa we ever made was the Grappa Toscana, more than 45 years ago; a spirit that, despite its age, still is one of the core products of the company. As time goes by, the Liquorificio innovates and the flavors get richer. What doesn’t change is the passion and the traditional recipies which have been with us for more than a century.


Tradition is king. The century-old recipies developed by Leonello have been handed down for generations. There are the traditional pastisserie liquors, the mythical Ponce, Sambuca, Amaro and so on. Raw material quality is instead the key factor for our infusions: Lemons and Oranges from Sicily and Elba Island, shipped within 24 hours from the harvest (January-February) directly to our factory, are immediately peeled, vacuum sealed and frozen, to keep quality at top level all year round. The peels spend 10 days in pure alcohol, and the result is the infusion that we use to make our out standing Limoncino and Arancino 32%. Lastly, here you’ll find our Liquor Creams: smooth, sweet and easy to drink, 100% natural, they’re in the taste of fruit, coffee, grappa, chocolate and much more.


Wooden boxes of different sizes and shapes make our bottles the perfect and most elegant gift idea. If you just can’t get enough of the Morelli brand, we have in stock a broad range of accessories: shoppers, ice bags, branded glasses and much more!


This food product line was born from our constant search for new challenges and pursuit of innovation. Nowadays we produce and sell more than 15.000 Panettoni every year, wet with our Limoncino 32%, Arancino 32% and our Grappa Toscana. We also have always in stock our Pandolci, leavened kind of cakes similar to Panettone, with a even higher percentage of liquor in it.

With our food products we also took on a mission of circular economy, re-using discarted materials from the production of Limoncino and Arancino. Always collaborating with other outstanding artisan Tuscan companies, we put the “exhausted” (taken out of the alcohol infusion) Lemon and Orange peels in the recipies of delicious Cantuccini (traditional Tuscan biscuits) and Chocolate bars.

These projects allow us not only to try and do our part to protect the environment, but also to open for us new markets and new exciting orizons.